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  • Company strength Company strength

    ChengYe co.,ltd is referred to as “CY”, its main products are carbide rods, carbide end mills, carbide inserts, carbide burrs, carbide drills,reamers, standard and non-standard .Also,we can provide customers with tool repair.

  • Talent advantage Talent advantage

    We have 50 employees, including 25 professional R&D teams, and a sales and service team of more than 10 people.

  • Management advantages Management advantages

    We introduced ISO9001 (2008 version)/ISO9001 (2015 version)/ISO14001 (2004 version)/ISO14001 (2015 version) management system, combined with actual production, and achieved initial results.

  • Product advantages Product advantages

    In the selection of materials,Gu10 is used for HRC45 to HRC55, Gu12 is used for HRC55 to HRC65.There are more than 10 pcs grinding machines and carbide rods manufacturing machines, from carbide powder to carbide rod, based on heat treatment,pressing.etc, unground carbide rod are completed, ground carbide rods are manufactured by grinding machines. With testing devices, each carbide rod will be tested.


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